As of today, Hastings Valley Motor Cycle Club (HVMCC) has gained an exemption from Motorcycling NSW from the Tear-Off Rule. Therefore Tear offs are back for those that choose to use them.

The following is an extract from the Exemption

"The use of tear-offs is allowed at this venue under the conditions imposed by the Environmental Plan supplied by the club and kept on file by MNSW. This exemption may be rescinded at any time by MNSW, or any approved track inspector or event Steward who believes the Environmental Plan is not being complied with.

The club is not compelled to allow tear-offs at all events, and will maintain the right to operate events either with or without the exemption at their discretion."

HVMCC Environmental Plan states that:

  • Rider use of tear-offs is dealt with in the following way:

  • Hastings Valley Motorcycle Club will openly discourage the use of tear-offs via media and Riders Briefing,

  • The sensible disposal of tear-offs will be in the riders hands with Hastings Valley Motorcycle Club advertising a return to a "no tear-off" policy if riders don't follow the provided guides

  • The disposal of tear-offs will be outlined in riders briefing

  • Additional bins at the entry and exit of the track as well as near the start gates will be provided,

  • Off the track, all riders and mechanics must dispose of tear-offs in the bins provided

  • On top of the 3 commercial waste bins already provided, additional smaller bins will be strategically placed in the Paddock for convenient disposal of tear-offs

  • Both the Race Secretary and Clerk will be instructed to keep an eye on tear-off disposal with the outcome to be included in their post race reports

  • The following simple guideline will be added to entry forms and the race order

" All off-track "tear-off" removal must be disposed of in the bins provided throughout the facility. If ALL RIDERS AND MECHANICS cannot adhere to this request then HVMCC will return to a no Tear-Off policy"

So let's all work together to ensure that the Tear-off ban exemption remains!

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