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                    STARTING OUT


Junior 4-7 years old - Can apply for a Mini Non-Competition License without doing a Kickstart course. This will allow the rider to ride in the Division One category (50cc capacity bike), which is non-competitive. Once the rider has gained confidence and has turned 7 years old, the rider can complete a Kickstart course, upgrade their License then start racing!

Junior 7 years or older - Will need to complete a Kickstart course in order to apply for a competition licence. 

Step 1 - Contact our Club to ask when the next Kickstart course will be held or contact Pro-Motion MX Coaching.


Step 2 - Attend the Kick Start Day or Coaching Day and complete 5 hours coaching. The Coach will complete Assessment 1 on page 24-25, you will complete Assessment 2 which can be found on page 26-28 of the Kick Start Booklet (this will be supplied to the rider on the day of the course). Make sure to bring plenty of water, healthy snacks and lunch as there will be no food/water available at the club on the day. 

WHAT GEAR TO BRING - Motocross helmet that meets Australian Safety Standards, Motocross boots, Motocross jersey & pants, goggles, gloves, protective knee & elbow pads, motorbike and fuel.

Step 3 - Join our Club as a member - You will need to set up an account through Ridernet. Once you have set your account up you can purchase a Club Membership.

Step 4 - Purchase a National Race Licence through Ridernet. NOW YOU ARE READY TO RIDE!


FAMILY - $125

Senior - $80

Junior (7 - 16 years) - $60

Day membership - $40

Membership runs from the date of issue until the 31st December of each calendar year


For those who have not used Ridernet 2.0 and you have a profile already, please follow the steps below:

- Click on the Ridernet 2.0 link  

- Don't enter anything in the Ridernet Login section, go straight and click on Forgot Password

- Enter both your Member ID and Email address (even though it says Member ID or Email address, it won't proceed until you enter both)

- You will receive an email to reset your password 

- Reset your password then login and you are all set

- Please note the APP does not work with the new system

- You will only be able to use a web browser on your phone or desktop/laptop


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