Starting Out


If you are a Junior 7 years or older you will need to complete a Kickstart Program in order to apply for your competition license. We endeavour to make this process as easy as possible for our members and can provide you with the necessary guidance required.


For those Juniors aged between 4-7, you can apply for a

Mini Non-Competition Licence without doing a Kick Start. 

This will allow you to ride in the Division One category which is non-competitive and once you have gained confidence and had your 7th birthday, you can do a kick-start course, upgrade your license and go racing!


For further information please contact our Coaching & Kick Start coordinator or visit the MNSW website and here for Licensing information



Motorcycling NSW are required to satisfy themselves that first-time license applicants are capable of competently controlling a motorcycle before they issue a license.
Seniors need to do the following:


  • Join a club & obtain club membership

  • Complete a theory test – ride test may be needed if you don’t hold a road bike license. This needs to be signed off by an official authorised by the club.

  • Complete the Licence application form or purchase a One Event License on a Club day 

  • Go to Motorcycling NSW website

  • click on the rider tab and scroll down to the manual licence application form

Joining the Club

Annual Memberships are available online Ridernet for both existing and new members. By clicking Ridernet you will be redirected to the Ridernet page where you can apply for club membership. 


2022 Membership


  • Family - $100

  • Senior - $75

  • Junior - $50

  • Day - $20


Membership runs from date of issue until 31 December each calendar year


Rider Fees for 2022 


  • Social Ride Days (RPA Days)

    • Div 1 - $20

    • Juniors - $40

    • Seniors - $60

  • ​Race Days

    • Div 1 - $15

    • Juniors - $30 

    • Seniors - $40 


  • One Event Licence Fees 

    • One Day Recreational Licence - $40

    • One Day Competition Licence - $95


  • Race Licence Fees (payable to MNSW)

    • Mini Licence (Junior Restricted Licence) - $145

    • Junior National Licence - $299

    • Senior National Licence - $325

    • The above Licence Fees apply to those members who obtain/ renew their annual licenses online via Ridernet