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Here you will find important information about Motocross

The General Competition Rules or more commonly known as the GCRs or MoMs are the rules that govern our sport and dictate how competition Motocross is run. If you are wanting to know about a set rule or learn what protective gear you need to wear, please click on the heading above.

Please click on the heading above to view a list of flag meanings that are used at our events. You can also find further information in the GCRs (link above) or Kickstart booklet (link located in the rider info tab).

Qualifying as Club Champion

Senior riders The Club Champion will be the highest point scorer of combined classes.

Junior riders Club Champion will be the highest point scorer across the Championship.

The HVMCC Constitution is a basic set of rules for the running of our club. 

All our volunteers attending race events/Social rides (RPA) and coaching who work closing with a person under the age of 18 are subject to a Working with Children Check. If you would like to volunteer with our club you must hold a current paid or volunteer working with children check. For more information, please click on the heading above. 

Race Day

- Gates open at 7am

- No pets or smoking allowed onsite

- Enclosed footwear must be worn by all

- Sign on & scrutineering from 7.30am

- No bikes to start before Riders Briefing

- Riders briefing from 8.30am (all riders & guardians/parents must attend)

- Once riders briefing has finished you can start your bike

- Practice to start from 9am

- No person to enter the track unless an Official, Marshall, First Aider or rider 

- Final instructions and race order will be emailed and posted to this website leading up to the event

Click on the heading above to download the HVMCC Committee Handbook with information on the committee roles & their descriptions. 

frequently asked questions

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How do I know if my helmet meets requirements?

Please refer to the MoMs (General Competition Rules booklet issued by Motorcycling Australia) - Appendix A: Protective Clothing & Equipment on page 240. 
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