Club Race Results

Results published as soon as possible following each round. Download the PDF version of the results below.


All 7 rounds are scores and count towards end of year results


  • MX Round 1 Sunday 10 March

  • MX Round 2 Sunday 12 May

  • MX Round 3 Sunday 2 June

  • MX Round 4 Sunday 7 July

  • MX Round 5 Sunday 4  August

  • MX Round 6 Saturday 25 August

  • MX Round 7 Sunday 8 September


  • 2018 Junior Girls Championship Progressive Scores

  • 2018 Junior Club Championship Progressive Scores

  • 2018 Class Club Championship Progressive Scores

  • 2018 EOY MX Scores incl Club Championship

Tear-Off & Environmental Plan

Hastings Valley Motor Cycle Club (HVMCC) has gained an exemption from Motorcycling NSW from the Tear-Off Rule.


Therefore Tear offs are back for those that choose to use them


The use of tear-offs is allowed at Hastings Valley Motor Cycle Club under the conditions imposed by the Environmental Plan supplied by the Club and kept on file by MNSW.


This exemption may be rescinded at any time by MNSW, or any approved track inspector or event Steward who believes the Environmental Plan is not being complied with.


All Club members and competitors should make themselves familiar with the Club's Environmental Plan which can be found here


Let's all work together to ensure that the Tear-off ban exemption remains in place at Hastings Valley Motocross Club